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Evangelical Lutherans

"Think of us in this way, as servants of Christ and stewards of God’s mysteries" (1 Corinthians 4:1).

The word evangelical means that our hope is rooted in the “good news” that we are loved by God and stand in right relationship with God by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, not because of the good things we do, or our ability to live up to other people's expectations of us.

Our identity as "Lutheran" was a label given to our theological predecessors in the 16th century during the Protestant Reformation. While Lutherans were the first congregations to bear the name  'Protestant', today we might be better described as a reforming movement within the catholic church.

As individuals, we are diverse people who come to this house of prayer from different places along life's spiritual journey.

As a community, we teach and confess that God is revealed in the incarnation, the scandal of the cross, and in the wonder and promise of the resurrection of Jesus Christ—not in human power and glory.

We believe that a life of discipleship, is a call to see the world differently, to see ourselves differently, and to live differently. The Christian life is essentially a life of stewardship; stewardship of creation, our whole-selves, our neighbours, and the mysteries of God.

We believe that the Holy Spirit calls and gathers the whole Church into the mission of God, which takes seriously both the reality of the world, and the reality of Christ, with equal care.

We understand that the present reality of the world involves significant changes in our society, economy and culture. Technological innovations, globalization, economic and political uncertainties, and shifting morals and values have increased the sense of insecurity for many people. We further understand that the needs of the world and our opportunities for mission are found on our doorsteps and not simply at a distance.

We believe that the reality of Christ is that God promises to be with us unconditionally in the midst of the changes in our world, and that we have been called and equipped through baptism to participate in God's reconciling work in the world.

As the Church we are called to name those things that cause us to be less than human, and to proclaim the truth of the Gospel to others and to live according to it as a community of faith. The Church is called to stand in solidarity with, and to welcome into its midst, all those who are marginalized.

We stand opposed to any ideology that treats people as commodities, demonizes other groups of people, or proclaims that human-beings must earn a relationship with God.

We believe in One God, who we experience and understand as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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Lutherans: About Us
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